TRIDÉE (formerly Timenco et Ligtermoet & Partners) refers to mobility policy that is sustainable in three different ways: green, supported and integrated. Sustainable mobility is the future, it has a large base of support and offers the best solutions for people and society.

We look forward to helping you make mobility more sustainable !

3X Sustainable Mobility

Thanks to a long experience in consulting, our international experts have gained increasing insight into what makes mobility policies effective and successful on the long run.
TRIDÉE therefore stands for a mobility policy that is sustainable in three different ways:


we help our clients with policies & projects that stimulate or facilitate an increase in sustainable transport modes


and we have realised that long-term sustainable processes are closely linked with a large base of support of  citizens and other stakeholders


and last but not least, we contribute to mobility policies that are sustainably integrated in a bigger picture of policy fields


Region wide approach to mobility in Walcheren

TRIDÉE develops a vision of the road network together with the road authorities.

Good Move: a new mobility stratety for Brussels Capital Region

A new drive for Brussels mobility policy.

Inventory of cycling measures

How do ten Dutch cities make a real leap forward for the bicycle?

Bikeability analysis in Luxembourg regions

We developed an effecient method to determine and improve the quality of cycling infrastructure.

Mobility plans for Dutch cities

We helped several Dutch cities develop mobility plans with strong content, connected to larger policy fields and together with all stakeholders

Policy reasearch on speed pedelecs

TRIDÉE conducts research to properly orient the future Brussels policy on speed pedelecs.

An international team

Nearly all our TRIDÉE's consultants in Belgium and the Netherlands have more than 10 years experience in mobility policy. They are multilingual, share the vision of triple sustainability and can help all sorts of clients succesfully achieve their objectives. The interaction between Belgian and Dutch projects also improves the quality of our advice. Hence our desire to have only one name and become one single company.

We are working in two countries (and abroad) and our offices are easily accessible on foot from the central stations of Antwerp and Rotterdam.


Walenburgerplein 104
3039 AN Rotterdam

T +31 10 303 2998


Quellinstraat 6
B-2018 Antwerp

T +32 03 226 77 90


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